Sock Ambiguity

There are things that stump me.  Like socks.  Specifically, socks I have worn once.  To me, they are fraught with ambiguity.  I know what to do with underpants I have worn once: they go in the dirty clothes.  For other articles of clothing – pants, skirts, shirts, sweaters – the issue is not how many times they’ve been worn, it’s more a matter or whether they still look and smell clean to me.  This is how I determine whether their destination is the dresser drawer or the dirty clothes hamper.

And then there are socks.  I am so uncertain of them after I’ve worn them once that, in my puzzlement, I do not return them to my sock drawer on the off chance that they are now too dirty and will thus defile the other freshly cleaned socks.  Nor do I throw them in the dirty clothes.  I am loath to create more laundry for myself than absolutely necessary and what if they aren’t yet dirty enough to warrant being washed?.

So, currently, my socks reside on the floor of our bedroom.  Where, in awhile, when they have swirled around sufficiently with the dust bunnies, I will deem them too dirty to wear and throw them in the laundry.

I am unhappy with this solution to my sock dilemma.

  1. Tina Lilly said:

    Not a dilemma to me. It’s the socks karma.
    : )

  2. It is the perfect solution. Works very well for me. Even though I know I won’t wear them more than once, I still do this. In fact, there are my pink woollies on the floor right in front of me, almost ready to go in the bin. Almost.

  3. chris said:

    I have thought about just putting clean socks at the end of my bed. Then I would only need to look in one place for them..though maybe you are able to either get to sleep with out socks or sleep with them. Either of those options would prevent the eternal migration of socks to the end of the bed.

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