No, Not a Sappy Reflection on Gratitude Today

Not that I mind sappy reflections on gratitude.  I like them, in fact (see previous entry).  I am just not in the mood to add my own to the queue. 

Instead, I want to say that I am impressed by the power of the brain. 

If one acquires an unexpected and rare four-hour block of time, let’s say, and yet one has been thinking that today will only have enough room in it to get work done and maybe not even that much, then by god the brain is likely to bring about that particular reality.  A person could get to 4:00, for example, and suddenly realize that if she’d carpe‘d the diem, she could have worked like a dog to get the work taken care of and thus managed to create a couple of those hours for writing. 

I’m not wallowing in self-pity.  Really.  But I do wonder what I might accomplish if I could only bring the power of my brain to heel.  Sigh.

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  1. chris said:

    Life is like that isn’t it…

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