Ways I know yoga still has some work to do on me

Ways I know yoga still has some work to do on me: when I see someone finishing up a cigarette before darting into yoga class, I feel judgmental of them.

Yogananda is credited with saying about yoga and/or meditation that neither requires the practitioner to give up smoking or drinking or promiscuity – but one might find as one practices that they feel less inclined to do these things.  I love this notion that we don’t have to be perfect before we can be on a healthy path for ourselves.  The path itself is what invites in us behaviors that are better for us.  I can’t imagine being drawn to a spiritual practice that encouraged my participation while also chastising me for my flaws.

flower-of-light-yoga-inspired-art-angeles-moreno.jpg (500×750)

I really hope one day, when I see that smoker heading into yoga class, that I think to myself, Good for them for having their feet on the path.

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