Seen on the Street

I saw the man first.  He rode his wheelchair in the street the way people do when there aren’t adequate curb cuts in the neighborhood.  His state-of-the-art wheelchair looked like an elliptical machine, and he sat in its midst like Captain Kirk in his captain’s chair.


I put his age at close to 70.  He wore his hair in a crew cut, and that, along with his horn rimmed glasses, evoked another era.

He rolled along the street, and eventually he moved into my full view – at which point I realized he was walking a dog.  The dog he walked, however, was not the dog I would have imagined for this large, rectangular man.  Rather, moving with the perkiest trot imaginable in front of the wheelchair on a nearly taut leash pranced a toffee-colored West Highland Terrier.

If ever a gait could communicate sheer delight in being alive it was this dog’s.  Watching them together, I felt happy.



  1. Polly Pitsker said:


  2. Dee Packard said:

    I want this dog! And isn’t it beautiful how easily we can
    be made to be happy! So much wonder and wonderfulness around.

  3. Thomas Moss said:

    Katrina — a neat experience! thks for sharing!  Guess new technology is not all bad.                    love, tm


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