That Been-Here-Before Feeling

I remember the first time I got that deja vu feeling.  I was twelve years old and had just come upstairs to our bathroom to take a bath.  I’d brought a Granny Smith apple with me to munch while I bathed.  In the tub, I took a couple bites out of the apple and set it on the edge.  Looking over the tops of my knees at the beautiful green Granny Smith against the white porcelain of the tub, I experienced a certainty that I’d been in this exact place before, that I’d somehow seen this tableau before.

I am not here to argue what deja vu is or is not – brain blip or momentary detection of alternate realities.  What I want to reflect on is how almost every single time I’ve experienced that feeling, it has been in a moment as mundane as the one described above.  I find that delightful.  Whatever deja vu is, it is certainly an opportunity to notice the moment we are in, and it pleases me enormously that we should experience the preciousness of each moment – even the seemingly innocuous ones.

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  1. Polly D Pitsker said:

    Yes, this moment is all we really have.

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