AARP and Circe de Soleil, Eat Your Hearts Out

In a chiropractor’s waiting room today, an elderly woman stood at the reception counter discussing her next appointment with her chiropractor and the receptionist.  She looked about 80 or more and had white hair cut so short I thought of nuns, only this woman wore a brightly colored shorts-and-blouse set, the skin on her arms and legs crepe-y and tanned.

The chiropractor pitched her voice loudly to make sure the woman heard her.  “What I’m saying,” the chiropractor repeated, “is that if you come see me on Wednesday and I adjust you again, I don’t want you doing any tumbling between now and then.”

“But will you have me ready to go by the 25th?” the woman asked.  “I have to be able to tumble by the 25th.”

The chiropractor shook her head.  “I’m not sure.  We’ll have to see after Wednesday.  But for sure no tumbling between now and then.”

The white-haired woman accepted this with mild disgruntlement.

I cannot help but grin to think of this again.

  1. A fun story, Katrina. I also very much liked your blog about the small juice glasses for orange juice. There is definitely something about savoring finite treats. Reminds me of Gudrun’s story of how during the month leading up to Christmas she began purchasing korv for their meals (it was an economic decision in order to save up for the big Christmas meal). One of the results was that the Christmas ham was SO appreciated.

  2. Tina Lilly said:

    Lets hold that thought, Katrina. At least till we’re 80. : )

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