Ode To the Juice Glass

Okay, not an Ode exactly since I do not have that talent.  But I would like to express my love of the Juice Glass.  We have a small number of mismatched ones, and they bring me great pleasure.  Each was chosen either for its pleasing shape (one is hourglass-like) or for how evocative it is of the juice glasses of my childhood.

I recently had occasion to think about juice glasses, and I believe I love them so because they remind me of the small, savored pleasures of my childhood.  We had juice probably twice a month when I was growing up, usually at a Sunday breakfast, usually orange, and always in a juice glass.  The size invited us to contemplate the transience of this juice, and therefore to relish its consumption.  And we did.

It was a shock to me, as I got out into the world more, to encounter people who kept juice in their refrigerators as a staple.  This seemed to alter juice from a precious commodity to something ordinary.

I drink juice often these days, though it  tends to be of the carrot-beet-ginger-apple or kale-celery-cucumber variety.  This juice invariably comes in a glass larger than a juice glass, but I still drink it as if there were barely more than a thimbleful of it.

I am grateful to the Juice Glass for helping me remember to take care with what I consume.  I don’t always take care, of course, but it is a good thing when I do.

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  1. I’m with you, Katrina. Juice is not a staple in our house either, except when it comes to my semi-daily green juice… Thanks for reminding me how good it is.

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